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Coworking für Gründer
Geschäftsadresse für Gründer
  • Shared & dedicated office space
  • Broad range of additional services
  • Short minimum terms
  • React quickly to any fluctuations
  • No deposits, commissions, high investments
  • Inspiring Club ambience, open atmosphere
  • Book right away from only €14.90 / mth.

Founders face a number of questions each day and every one of them can be decisive for the development of the project at hand. That requires an extreme amount of flexibility. Entrepreneurs must constantly strike the right note to ensure their idea becomes a success, but in reality, this focus is quickly buried under the vast number of details that must be taken care of. To help startup founders buck this trend, we at Office Club have consciously designed our offers to be as flexible, fair and transparent as possible.

Your office, just like you need it

All of our memberships and services have extremely short contractual terms, allowing them to be combined flexibly in a customized package that meets your individual needs. If you need to expand your team, your own office can be expanded at any time. Should success come more slowly, you can scale down just as quickly. Protracted hunts for new office space are a thing of the past, as are deposits, real estate agent commissions and unnecessary investments in office equipment. Another significant advantage offered by Office Club is the direct affiliation with a community. Whether informal contacts or concrete cooperation: The Club is a platform where you will meet like-minded people, potential clients and future partners who may be looking for exactly what you provide.

Your idea in the perfect surrounding

Like your startup idea, your temporary office is not something you should be ashamed of. Workspace at Office Club is bright, has a modern floor plan and is thus perfect for receiving customers, business partners and investors. Our conference rooms are available to members at all times, with snacks and drinks supplied upon request by our Club bistro. In addition, the Club regularly hosts events. Use it – for your great product launch, for example. Find out what Office Club can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get started right away?

For the most part, yes. After booking through our online booking system or directly on site, our Club Team will set everything up and provide you with a short introduction. We are also available to answer any questions you may have in advance. We're pleased to answer your non-binding queries.

What costs can I expect?

All costs can be viewed in advance on our price and services lists. A detailed overview of all the services you have selected is also provided in your Club Account. A basic monthly fee is charged for all memberships and booked products. You are only charged additional fees if you use services that go beyond those included in your membership and they will appear as special charges on your next monthly bill (the cappuccino you order in the morning in our bistro, for example) or charged directly (conference room bookings). The entire process is completely transparent.

I am looking for a workspace for myself and several colleagues. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Individuals or teams can find the space they need at Office Club. For teams, we recommend a cluster of fixed workspaces in order to facilitate productive teamwork. Our co-working products also provide you flexibility when dealing with short-term personnel fluctuations. Both our flexible memberships and our fixed workspaces (Fixed Desks) can be booked for a duration of as little as one calendar month and are generally at your immediate disposal. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can also provide a non-binding offer for you and your team.
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We use the data provided here confidentially and exclusively for the purpose described. For more info see our  Privacy policy.

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