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Coworking für Angestellte und Unternehmen in Berlin
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Coworking für Unternehmen und Angestellte
  • Shared & dedicated office space
  • Broad range of additional services
  • Short minimum terms
  • React quickly to any fluctuations
  • No deposits, commissions, high investments
  • Inspiring Club ambience, open atmosphere
  • Book right away from only €14.90 / mth.

"Conventional" employees have a permanent employment contract and normally fulfils their duties in one of the company's offices. These days, an increasing number of companies are allowing their employees to choose where they want to work. That often has to do with the living conditions of individual employees, who for familial or other good reasons want to work somewhere closer to home. But particularly with flexible, shared office solutions – like coworking spaces – the working environment remains of paramount importance. Office Club doesn't just provide temporary offices. It is a lively, modern platform that facilitatecasual exchange that can make working more convenient and rewarding.

Stay productive, without compromises

The decision to locate individual employees or entire teams at Office Club is not a Plan B. Rather, it is a reasonable strategy employers themselves can profit from. That assumes that it is possible to work productively in the Club of course: To ensure a productive working environment, our spaces are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. All memberships can be booked at any time and are generally available immediately. It is also extremely important to us that our conference rooms meet high standards so that every meeting with clients, colleagues and supervisors can take place comfortably in a refined atmosphere. All of our extra services, like full-fledged business addresses, unlimited warm beverages in the Club bistro and much, much more can be added at any time. Allbased on your particular requirements, without compromises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the booking and setup work for me as an employee or as a company representative?

All of our services can be booked comfortably using the online booking system on this website or directly at our Club location. The setup process – depending on the membership or service desired – then takes place at the Club, along with a brief introduction. In order to simplify billing, multiple employees can create a single company account for the firm.

How will I or my employer be billed?

All memberships and additional services are based on the calendar month and fees will be included in a single invoice provided at the beginning of the month. Individual products, like coffee from the Bistro, will be included on the following month's bill. For bookings made after the beginning of the month, billing for the membership or service provided will be pro-rated. Conference room bookings are billed individually in order to simplify attribution of the meeting (as well as intercompany billing).

What are the terms for memberships and other services?

All memberships and service, whether it is a business address, a virtual office or workspace, have a minimum term of three calendar months. Absent cancellation, it will automatically be renewed for the same term. This keeps you flexible and spares you and your company any unnecessary contract obligations.
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We use the data provided here confidentially and exclusively for the purpose described. For more info see our  Privacy policy.

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