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Five reasons to use a coworking space

There’s more to coworking than just working. Networking is also an important component. A growing number of companies and freelancers are discovering…
by Anne Wolf |

There’s more to coworking than just working. Networking is also an important component. A growing number of companies and freelancers are discovering this model and realizing its many advantages. What are those advantages and who can benefit most from coworking? We have put together a brief summary.


The way in which we live, work and communicate is changing noticeably. Flexibility is becoming increasingly important, and with it, the need to access what you need when you need it. Coworking spaces can be canceled on a monthly basis. Flexible workstations as well as individual offices can be booked for exclusive use. Smaller and larger conference rooms are also available, along with spaces that can be booked as event locations. Workers can withdraw at any time to fully concentrate on their work, but they can also enjoy a cup of coffee in the lounges.

A coworking place like the Office Club can thus grow flexibly along with the size and requirements of a company. Coworking spaces can also be an attractive complement to working from home in a hybrid model. Employees and freelancers can have complete flexibility when deciding whether they want to work from home or use the coworking space.

Attractiveness / creativity

Beyond the extreme flexibility, inspiration provided by the working environment can often mean the difference between a project and a successful project. Distinguished surroundings and productive workspaces can now be created more affordably and in a more tailored manner than classic business centers, conference hotels or a company’s own leased premises.


In coworking spaces, resources like printers, coffee machines and electricity are shared. When working from home, heating is used by just one or very few people, while in a shared office, this resource benefits numerous people. This is consistent with the modern idea of sustainability.

At Office Club, we are also committed to doing our part in protecting natural resources and the climate. We seek to design our locations according to the most sustainable criteria possible and pay heed to things like recycling, sourcing local products such as coffee and using green electricity and energy-efficient electrical appliances.

Cost efficiency

Opening and maintaining an office isn’t cheap. In addition to the high rents in attractive city-center areas, furniture, coffee machines, printers and, if needed, reception staff must be purchased or hired. When using a coworking space, these barriers to entry are removed and day-to-day administrative tasks like handling mail and a professional phone service can often be taken care of as well. This allows a company to focus its resources solely on its business model.

Community / network

The coworking space is a meeting place for a wide variety of companies, freelancers and founders from a broad range of industries. This creates an inspiring environment while also creating potential synergies. Interaction among members is promoted by lounges or meeting points within the offices, including coffee kitchens and events.

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