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  • Flexible memberships tailored to your needs
  • Short minimum terms
  • Productive working environment
  • High-quality furnishings
  • State-of-the-art conference rooms
  • Broad range of additional services
  • Book right away from only €14.90 / mth.

People who travel a lot are usually very happy to come home again. That applies to business trips just as it does to private ones. Those whose daily professional lives require a high degree of flexibility and constant availability should have a partner for their professional home, one that can live up to those same requirements. Welcome to Office Club.

Your professional platform, on the go

All of our memberships and services are available at short notice and come with variable rental terms of your choice. From temporary or permanent shared workspace to dedicated workspace in an open-plan offices or lockable office rooms, all memberships can be booked online at any time. Our business address service and the even more comprehensive Virtual Office package provide a suitable professional home - as do our conference rooms, which can be booked for sporadic meetings and for regularly scheduled gatherings. Always tailored to your individual needs. Our Club bistro provides snacks as well as hot and cold drinks. Find out what Office Club can do for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I might only be there a few days a month. Is it still worth getting a membership?

Absolutely. Our Flexible membership is prefect for all members who do not frequently visit or who have difficulties predicting their short-term needs. The "smallest" membership is available from only €14.90 a month and may be used whenever you need your shared workspace.

How do I book a conference room?

Our conference rooms can be booked online at any time. You may either use this website's booking system or, as a member, book rooms in your personal Club account. It is no longer necessary to inquire about a room's availability because the system will show you whether the desired room is available or if it has already been booked.

How do I set up my own business address?

Both your own business address and our comprehensive Virtual Office package can be booked and configured through our online booking system. After your booking has been confirmed and approved by the Office Club team, your new business address will be available immediately. As part of our mail services, you can either opt to pick up your mail in person, have it picked up by a representative or have us forward your mail at an interval of your choice. A daily scan service can also be booked at any time. If you have questions about our business addresses or Virtual Office services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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We use the data provided here confidentially and exclusively for the purpose described. For more info see our  Privacy policy.

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