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Office Club Expands to Many More Cities

From 1 to 11 – We’re Growing

How quickly time passes. Over 12 years ago, in August 2011, the first Office Club opened on Pappelallee, in Prenzlauer Berg, as a hub for startups,…
by Philipp Roth |

Office Club Expansion

How quickly time passes. Over 12 years ago, in August 2011, the first Office Club opened on Pappelallee, in Prenzlauer Berg, as a hub for startups, freelancers and the self-employed. At the time, a coworking space equipped with professional business equipment and offering the classic services of a business center at fair prices and uncomplicated online booking was quite revolutionary. With our concept of “coworking for adults,” we not only hit the zeitgeist – we also struck a chord with our customers, to whom we are still grateful every day. We continue to do our best to combine the worlds of coworking and the classic business center in the best way possible. Over the last few months, we have quietly put a lot of heart and soul into further developing Office Club. And today, we can officially announce that which has thus far remained hidden – and something we are mighty proud of: We are growing in one stroke to include 11 additional locations, with plans to expand into further international markets – and we continue to play a leading role in the digitalization of classic business services.

In 1984, Peter Dussmann, founder of the Dussmann Group, opened the first so-called “business centers” in Germany, importing to Europe a concept that was already tried and tested in the United States. After 38 years of their existence, we are pleased to be able to integrate these business centers into our Office Club concept. In addition to these locations, we are also acquiring two further Berlin locations from Deutsche Bureau AG. At the beginning of 2023, we will be opening our first Office Club in Switzerland. By merging the pioneers of coworking and business centers in Germany, what belongs together will grow together. By bringing our competence and experience to the table, we enable you to concentrate on the essentials: your own business.

We’re still just as excited today as we were 12 years ago when we developed our idea of coworking and were able to decisively shape the concept in Berlin. Over the years, surrounded by an extremely dynamic environment, the idea of professional and innovative coworking space has developed into an increasingly broad platform for contemporary working and networking. It is not only the dynamism of our immediate environment that has played a role, but the industry itself has also changed considerably over the years. Coworking has quickly gone from a niche for what was then still a very specific clientele to a global phenomenon that has forced rapid change at business centers. More recently, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed views of the working world once again. We view these developments as an opportunity and will continue to actively design sustainable and innovative concepts.

In our view, the provision of creative working environments that promote the flow of ideas, and thus productivity and growth, along with the harmonious coexistence of private and professional life, are decisive attributes of New Work. We are convinced that it is not only a fulfilling professional life, but also our individual environment, the surroundings in which we work, that leads to increased productivity. As such, we’re not simply providing office space, but communal areas that promote the exchange of ideas and further development. In the future, we will continue to aspire to be a reliable partner for our members at all times, to fulfill their needs in the best possible manner and thus actively contribute to their personal success.

We are a place for entrepreneurs. For the hidden champions. For the heroes of tomorrow. A Home for Your Business.

We are very excited that we will soon be implementing our vision in additional cities and that our vibrant coworking community will continue to grow.

Perhaps with you as well? Feel free to drop by – we would love to treat you to a coffee or a drink of your choice.

Simon & Philipp – The founders of Office Club

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