The Club

Our Club concept and the idea behind it

The working world is constantly changing and so are the requirements for the perfect place to work from. Apart from extremely flexible conditions, a space can often provide the kind of inspiration that makes the difference between projects and successful projects. Today, productive work spaces in refined surroundings are better, cheaper and more flexible than those promised by business centers, conference hotels and long-term office spaces.
Office Club is our answer to the important questions regarding modern-day work space. It includes everything you expect from a conventional club: A shared
framework for like-minded people pursuing similar interests and goals. As a rule, most clubs are also bound to a certain place, as is ours with our shared Club location. The amenities offered by the Club are shared – indeed, they are only made possible by the fact that so many can partake of them. That is our idea of collaboration.

The Club feeling is conveyed through a collective approach to our professional lives. More and more people have the freedom to decide where, when, how and with whom they work each day. And, correspondingly, there is a great number of alternatives to choose from. People who opt for the coworking model tend to do so because it provides something they want in particular. For freelancers who commute regularly between appointments with their clients and their desks back home often look for the company of others in a similar situation. Or they simply want a more structured day-to-day routine in order to bring their professional and private lives in balance. A salaried employee who could work at his employer's headquarters but who chooses not to - because of his family, organizational considerations or other reasons - does not necessarily need to forgo a productive work environment or informal chats with coworkers. Modern-day employers are consciously opting for flexible work space solutions as an incentive for their employees or for entire project teams. For founders & startups, inspiring surroundings and sharing ideas are of great importance as is planning flexibility. Either way, Club members join to develop their own potential to the greatest extent possible. Welcome to the Club!


What you can expect on site

  • Uncomplicated networking
  • Fast internet connection
  • Bistro on site
  • High-quality furnishings
  • Versatile office hardware
  • Comprehensive mail services
  • Optional 24/7 access
  • Phone booths

The journey so far

Interview with Office Club founders Simon Schier and Philipp Roth

Hello Simon, hello Philipp! The two of you have founded Office Club. How did you come up with the idea?
Simon: We actually used to - and still are - doing online marketing and had nothing to do with the subject of coworking or office services in general. The idea to start something in this area came during a business trip to the US. The concept was very appealing to us and so we basically started planning as soon as we had returned to Berlin. Our approach was pretty simple: We had something on our hands that was not only very interesting but it also had the potential to solve some issues we had to work with ourselves on a daily basis.

Where did you start?
Philipp: We used to work from home and then switched to a business centre here in Berlin for some time. We quickly realized: This cannot be the perfect environment - neither for our company nor for us personally.

What was it that you missed?
Philipp: Working from home we were missing a certain structure in our daily life and also a somewhat clear separation between our job and our private lives. Being a founder, you are tensed up most of the time and try your best to solve everything as soon as possible. It can help you to close an „office door“ behind you that does not happen to be your living room door at the same time. That was something that the business centre could provide but we were put off by the sterile ambience there. Especially for founders it can be of great importance to communicate directly and to be lulled by what is around you once in a while - at least in our experience.

At lot has happened around the subject of coworking since you founded Office Club. How did you experience it yourself?
Simon: That is right. We have seen some - positively - drastic development since 2010, when we started to work on our concept and when coworking was still in its infancy in Europe. One thing that illustrates this development to me is that nowadays a lot of people know the term and what it means right away. Some of them have made their own experiences with coworking or they have at least heard of it from colleagues or in the media. Some years ago we often tried to explain coworking as „like a classic shared office, just bigger and better“ to get the idea across. Well, the lines are quite blurry to be honest. Today we have a very dynamic coworking market where basically everyone finds a fitting coworking space for his/her purposes - whether they want a high-end design space or a community of artists. That’s what’s great about it!

What do you reckon, what will the next couple of years bring?Philipp: As a Berlin based company we realized pretty soon what enormous potential the whole coworking thing had - simply because we felt the demand from the very start. We had people walking past the construction site leaving business cards to „secure their desk“ before we even opened. For a lot of people it is a great thing to be able to choose their working environment freely. Great prospects for those who work decentrally and wish to stay flexible at the same time. We basically see several developments that all go in the same direction: More flexibility in our working world. With Office Club, we address this trend and try to make sure that we provide our coworkers with the best solutions.

What advice would you as founders give aspiring entrepreneurs?
Simon: „Talk to the people“! The most inspiring impulses for us as entrepreneurs came from personal discussions, direct contact and constant communication with like-minded people.

  1. 2010

    Foundation & preparation

    The team comes together and works on the perfect coworking concept. Extensive search for an equally perfect location.

  2. 2011

    Grand opening of Office Club Prenzlauer Berg

    After a short soft opening Office Club Prenzlauer Berg is officially open for your work, meetings, extravaganza.

  3. 2013

    More space

    The Club already reaches its capacity limits and is being extended to offer more work space.

  4. 2015

    A lot of coffeine

    Our Club bistro serves its 50,000th coffee. What a milestone. Enjoy!

  5. 2016


    After its first five years we give the Club a comprehensive design makeover as well as a completely new website. The journey continues!