The working world is constantly changing and so are the requirements for the perfect place to work from. Apart from extremely flexible conditions, a space can often provide the kind of inspiration that makes the difference between projects and successful projects. Today, productive work spaces in refined surroundings are better, cheaper and more flexible than those promised by business centers, conference hotels and long-term office spaces.
Office Club is our answer to the important questions regarding modern-day work space. It includes everything you expect from a conventional club: A shared
framework for like-minded people pursuing similar interests and goals. As a rule, most clubs are also bound to a certain place, as is ours with our shared Club location. The amenities offered by the Club are shared – indeed, they are only made possible by the fact that so many can partake of them. That is our idea of collaboration.

The Club feeling is conveyed through a collective approach to our professional lives. More and more people have the freedom to decide where, when, how and with whom they work each day. And, correspondingly, there is a great number of alternatives to choose from. People who opt for the coworking model tend to do so because it provides something they want in particular. For freelancers who commute regularly between appointments with their clients and their desks back home often look for the company of others in a similar situation. Or they simply want a more structured day-to-day routine in order to bring their professional and private lives in balance. A salaried employee who could work at his employer's headquarters but who chooses not to - because of his family, organizational considerations or other reasons - does not necessarily need to forgo a productive work environment or informal chats with coworkers. Modern-day employers are consciously opting for flexible work space solutions as an incentive for their employees or for entire project teams. For founders & startups, inspiring surroundings and sharing ideas are of great importance as is planning flexibility. Either way, Club members join to develop their own potential to the greatest extent possible. Welcome to the Club!


What you can expect on site

  • Uncomplicated networking
  • Fast internet connection
  • Bistro on site
  • High-quality furnishings
  • Versatile office hardware
  • Comprehensive mail services
  • Optional 24/7 access
  • Phone booths


by happy Office Club members:

Evert Veldhuijzen,

I am on the road almost permanently and always have ideas for new projects – at Office Club I found my perfect platform and a motivating atmosphere.

Evert Veldhuijzen,
Florian Dyballa,

As an internet agency with several startups in the field of HR, it is very important for me to work in an inspiring surrounding and to get in touch with like-minded people. At Office Club we feel that we are in very good hands!

Florian Dyballa,
Theresa Jašaraj, DCMN GmbH

To have additional work space outside our own office is extremely helpful – especially when you are growing fast. Whenever our employees needed a change of scene they can switch to Office Club very flexibly. The service is "on point" - almost familiar.

Theresa Jašaraj, DCMN GmbH

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