FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to present our concept and our services as transparent and coherent as possible. This website was designed to reflect this credo. Of course there are some questions that we get asked more frequently than others and therefore deserve to be dealt with in more detail. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions compiled on this page will be of help for you:


Who uses coworking spaces and why?
Coworking is primarily directed at the self-employed, freelancers and creative types in addition to small and mid-sized companies who value flexible workspaces in an inspiring, communicative environment, without having to invest in infrastructure or deposits. Larger companies also profit from the added flexibility, allowing for offsite workspaces for individual employees or entire project teams. In addition to workspaces, coworking sites offer significant space for the networking of ideas and concepts, thus creating added value for those who take advantage of them. In addition to technical infrastructure, such as Internet, printers, copiers and scanners, the Office Club makes a variety of other offerings available, including relevant events and the possibility to take part in organizing such events.
How do I book at Office Club?
The simplest way is by using the booking form on the Office Club website. The form allows you to easily choose from our wide array of services and products, which you can immediately begin using on your first day at the Club. The same holds true for conference room bookings. Following your successful booking, you also have access to your personal Club Account, which allows you to review your booking history and gives you the possibility to comfortably book additional services and products.
How does the Club Card work?
The Club Card is your individual RFID keycard for the Office Club. Upon signing up for a membership, you receive your own personal card that is linked to your customer account. In accordance with the services booked, the card provides you with access to the site. If you book 24/7 access, you can come and go around the clock for maximum flexibility: How and when you choose to work is completely up to you. All of our on-site services, such as coffee and snacks from the Bistro, can be booked to your personal account using your Club Card.
Are there fixed (minimum) rental periods?
All memberships and additional services at Office Club have a certain term length that in most cases does not extend beyond a single calendar month. Please consult our price and services list for terms and conditions.
Can I have my company mail delivered directly to the Club?
Of course. Our on-site Club Team is happy to receive mail sent to your own business address. Should you so desire, we are also happy to forward your mail to a different address – all in accordance to your wishes. Our scanning service is a further option that can be booked: Prior to forwarding, incoming mail is discretely opened and scanned. That allows you to receive important information on the day the mail arrives. Additional information can be found under "Office Services" on the relevant product pages.
Is food and drink available at the Club?
Our on-site Bistro offers snacks in addition to both warm and cold drinks. We are also happy to arrange for catering upon request. Our location is also surrounded by an excellent selection of restaurants and cafés for a wide variety of palates.
Is Office Club wheelchair accessible?
We do our best to make all our spaces wheelchair accessible. We are happy to provide you with site-specific information prior to your visit.
Is Internet access included in the membership fee?
As with all "normal" additional costs (like electricity, cleaning, etc.), wireless Internet access is also included in your monthly fee.
Can I review my bookings, invoices, check-ins and other information online?
When you sign up for an Office Club membership, you receive a Club Account, which allows you to make changes to your settings at any time and review all information associated with your membership. That provides you with complete transparency regarding the services you have booked, your account balance and your invoices. You can also use your Club Account to book additional memberships and services and to reserve conference rooms – completely according to your needs.
I have a question about a booking or an invoice. Who can I contact?
We offer support from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. We can be reached by phone (+49 30 22 33 44 55) or by email (info(at)officeclub.com or billing(at)officeclub.com). We always strive to get back to you as quickly as possible!
What payment possibilities are available?
Currently we offer payment by credit card or by SEPA bank transfer.
I have a good idea for an event, a new service or similar. Who can I contact?
We welcome any and all suggestions. The best way to contact us is by phone (+49 30 22 33 44 55) or by email (info(at)officeclub.com). We look forward to hearing from you!
I have general questions about Office Club, who should I contact?
Our support team is there for you Mondays to Fridays (except on holidays) between 9am and 6pm via phone (+49 30 22 33 44 55) or e-mail (info(at)officeclub.com). We look forward to hearing from you!

Flexible & fixed desks

What are the differences between the flexible memberships?
Flexible Office Club memberships allow you to choose between four different membership models. Each includes a different package of monthly services. The "larger" the membership, the more days are included in the monthly fee and the cheaper additional days become. Our largest Expert membership includes all workdays in a given month. Your membership fee thus depends in part on how often you wish to use the Office Club site but also on the services you need to work most efficiently. All Club members receive a 50% discount on conference room bookings. Our flexible memberships can be changed or cancelled each calendar month, as can all additional services booked.
Can I rent an office room at Office Club?
Office Club is happy to offer lockable office spaces with room for several co-workers. Fixed workspaces in office spaces (Office Desk) can be booked individually. The spaces are lockable and only accessible with your personal Office Club Card (RFID keycard). The minimum rental period for such spaces is just three calendar months. You are not required to pay a deposit or extra fees for electricity, Internet, cleaning, etc.
What is the difference between fixed and flexible workspaces?
Fixed workspaces – whether it is a Fixed Desk in our open-plan office or an Office Desk in a lockable office – are only assigned to a single person. Following your booking, it is available only to you. In contrast to flexible workspaces, you don't have to clear your space before you leave the Club. Fixed workspaces are located in a specific area of the Club that can only be accessed with your preprogrammed Club Card (keycard). The same is of course true of our individual office spaces. Please refer to our price list above for a detailed list of services included or bookable in your membership.
How quickly can I get started?
Immediately. You can book your membership and additional services at any time online. Clicking on "Book now" takes you directly to our order form, where you can choose to start on a date of your choice should you not wish to get started immediately. During opening hours, our on-site team looks forward to welcoming you for your first visit to Office Club. If you wish to have a look at the Club before booking or should you have questions about the Club, we are of course happy to accommodate you. You can reach us by phone with any questions you may have from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (with the exception of holidays) at +49 30 22 33 44 55.
What are included days and additional days?
Included days are workdays at the Club site that are covered by your monthly membership fee. Our Pro membership, for example, includes six days, meaning you have already paid for your first six workdays at the Club in a given month. Should you work at the Club for a seventh day in a month, an additional day will be booked – automatically when you check in on site. You don't have to manually book or register for an additional day. To ensure that you don't lose track, your Club Account will show you how often you have checked in and whether they are part of your monthly package or additional days. Our Expert membership includes all workdays in a calendar month, as do our fixed workspaces.
What extra costs will I be liable for?
None. Standard extras like electricity, water, cleaning, Internet, etc. are all included in our product prices. We also do not require the payment of a deposit for our office spaces.
I am looking for a space for several people / an entire team. Who should I contact?
Just as we are happy to provide workspaces to individuals, we also welcome entire teams looking for an appropriate space to realize their project. You can book a fixed workspace – and all of our additional Office Club services – at any time by filling out our online booking form. If you are looking to book several workspaces at once, however, it is advantageous to contact us in advance to determine when and in what arrangement we will have sufficient space for your needs. Call us directly at +49 30 22 33 44 55 or write us a short email telling us what you need at info(at)officeclub.com. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to inform you of the options we have available.
How do I get 24/7 access?
Existing members can book 24/7 access at any time. Once your Club Card has been programmed for around-the-clock access, you have unlimited access to the relevant parts of the Club. The monthly membership fee for fixed workspaces already includes 24/7 access.
Is printing, scanning and copying available on site?
Our site is equipped with modern office hardware for printing, scanning and copying. Your personal Club Card provides access to these services and charges for their use will be listed on your next monthly invoice.
Are lockers available for my documents?
We have lockers on site that can be rented by the month for storing your laptop, documents and other valuables.
I want to switch my membership. Is that possible?
Of course it is. All flexible memberships offered by Office Club can be switched for the next calendar month, regardless of whether you wish to upgrade or downgrade. Switches can easily be made from within your Club Account.
I would like to terminate my membership. What do I have to do?
You can cancel your Office Club membership at any time in accordance with the deadline prior to the end of your rental period. Cancellation does not, of course, have to mean goodbye forever. You can use your Club Account to make additional bookings in the future.
I would like to receive visits from friends, colleagues or customers. Is that possible?
Of course it is. The Club site is your professional home and is thus often the best place for meetings with customers, colleagues and others. Out of consideration for other co-workers, it makes sense to book a conference room for pre-planned or longer meetings.
I spend a lot of time on the phone and would like to be able to speak undisturbed. Is that possible in the Club?
Yes. Though the co-working atmosphere is communicative, most want to be able to make phone calls undisturbed. The level of background noise in the Club is comparable to normal open-plan offices and talking on the phone at a "normal" volume is completely acceptable. Should you wish to be undisturbed, we have set up "phone booths" that prevent other co-workers from being disturbed and offer you privacy during your phone calls.

Business address & Virtual Office

What is the difference between a business address and a Virtual Office?
Your business address at Office Club allows you to use our location as the address for your business. It also gives you the option to use several other services and amenities provided by the Club, as well as a discount on conference room bookings. Additional services can be booked and used at any time, including a sign for your company, lockers and much more. Should you wish to use the address for entries in official public registries (such as the Business Registry), a Virtual Office / company headquarters is more suitable, unless the business address is noted under the company headquarters address as a dependent branch or purely as a mailing address. Should you book a Virtual Office as your professional home, you are entitled to use the Club for four days (included days) each month. You may, of course, have additional days at any time.
How quickly will my business address / virtual office be available?
After booking your business address and receiving our confirmation, you can begin using your company mailing address immediately. We will, of course, only begin handling your incoming company mail once you have signed an authorization giving our team the legal authority to do so. We are happy to answer your questions pertaining to the booking and setup of your business address from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (with the exception of holidays).
For how long is my business address / Virtual Office valid?
When booking your business address or Virtual Office, you have a choice between a period of three or 12 calendar months. "Period" refers here to "minimum period." If you do not cancel the product, it will be automatically extended at the end of the period by the same length of your original booking.
Is my business address clearly recognizable as mine?
Yes, it is. Your business address will not include a "c/o" or any reference to Office Club. You also have the option of mounting a company sign in the Club at any time to complete your professional presentation.
Do I have to pick up my mail myself or can I have it forwarded?
It is, of course, up to you. All incoming mail is sorted on site at the Club and set aside until you pick it up. Alternately, we are happy to forward your mail onward to you. You can choose between daily, weekly, twice weekly and monthly forwarding, whatever is most convenient. You can enter your choice as you fill out your booking request and can change it at any time. For each bundle of mail we forward, we only charge postage in addition to a small packing and handling fee.

Meetings & events

How can I book a conference room?
Our conference rooms can be booked online at any time using our booking form or through your own Club Account. There is no need to inquire whether specific times are available: Once you choose the room you want, the website indicates whether your desired time is available or if the room has already been reserved.
Are conference rooms also available to non-members?
Yes, non-members can of course also book our conference rooms. The booking times available are consistent with the Club's opening times. Our tip: Because of the automatic 50% discount on conference room bookings enjoyed by members, it is worth considering a membership (starting at €29 per month)!
What refreshments and snacks are available in the Club?
Our Club bistro provides snacks and a wide variety of cold and warm beverages. In advance of a meeting (by way of a text field during the conference room booking process, for example), you can inform us whether you need snacks and drinks made available prior to or during your event. Our friendly on-site Club team will take care of preparations in accordance with your needs. See the following question for information on more extensive catering services.
I need on-site catering. Is that possible?
Of course: We are happy to arrange for the complete catering of meetings or other events held at the Club. To ensure adequate planning and smooth service, we request that you notify us of your catering needs as soon as possible. Our on-site team is happy to answer your questions and provide information regarding catering. You can also use our booking form to indicate the kind of catering (type, number of people, etc.) you require. Details will be clarified prior to the event.
Is it possible to use / rent the site for events?
Depending on your needs, our spaces are perfect for all manner of events, including workshops, BarCamps and networking evenings. You are welcome to approach us with your non-binding inquiry to find out how we can help make your event idea a reality!