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Members of the month: dotSource

Meet the dotSource team - our members of the month in July! Introduction round: Who are you and where are you from? We are dotSource | office Berlin.…
by Ben Roth |

Office Club Mitglied des Monats dotsource

The dotsource team

Meet the dotSource team - our members of the month in July!

Introduction round: Who are you and where are you from?
We are dotSource | office Berlin. At present we are a team of eight guys, mostly from Berlin. Those who aren’t plan to move here.

What made you come to Berlin?
Berlin is a way better place to start world domination than Jena could ever be. That’s why we sent a pioneer for first investigations, two years ago. During the last months several Jena colleagues followed and today the team is growing with people from all over the country. Honestly, Berlin still is a melting pot for innovation, exchange and inspiration.

What exactly do you do? What's in the pipeline for the near future?
dotSource is a digital agency supporting clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in their digital transformation since 2006. Digitizing marketing, sales and services is our mission. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of services, like strategy consulting, selecting commerce, crm, marketing and pim software solutions, solution implementation and development as well as online marketing services.

Our pipeline is set for further growth. In Berlin as well as in Jena. Software developers looking for a new opportunity should definitely step by.

Since when do you cowork at Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg?
Sebastian coworks at Office Club Berlin since February 2015. December 2016 Oliver joined him. Sebastian Klein - yup, we got our own one - joined with Ben in February. Dirk, Georg and Ugo joined in April and finally Fabian joined the team, recently.

What is the benefit of using a coworking space for you?
Infrastructure and people.
Using the Office Club infrastructure helps us to focus on our projects. You don’t have to worry about the internet connection, fresh coffee or clean sanitation and benefit from a lot of additional services. Thanks for accepting our parcels!

Another benefit is meeting other people. Some inspire your ideas and some challenge them. It helps us to stay visionary.

Which questions / problems could you help your coworking neighbour with?
We are specialists for business technology and processes in complex corporate environments. If you’re lost in interfaces and API-calls, we should have a coffee together.

Do you have favourite spots in Berlin? Something to recommend / consider especially for people coming here?
We recommend Pane e Vino, Kastanienallee 2 and Zum Starken August, Schönhauser Allee 56. On Pane e Vino’s menu almost all pizza and pasta costs 3,90€. We think they might launder money, but we don’t care because the food is really tasty. Zum Starken August is a truly fascinating place with Pornokaraoke, Travestie-Bingo and a wide selection of different beers. You can meet a lot of inspiring people, there.


Thanks a lot and all the best to you guys!