Member of the month: Vishal Kawatra

Office Club Mitglied des Monats Vishal Kawatra

Vishal Kawatra

Hi there Vishal, our member of the month in June!

Introduction round: Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Vishal Kawatra, born and raised in England.

What made you come to Berlin?
I lived in London for the majority of my life and so I wanted to have the experience of launching our new venture in a different city. We considered and spent time in other cities which included: San Francisco, Stockholm, Tel Aviv but felt most at home in Berlin. The city offers so much in terms of lifestyle and has great startup credentials.

What exactly do you do? What's in the pipeline for the near future?
Our current venture is building a software product that uses Artificial Intelligence to curate content for etailors/ web merchant and helps engage their customers. It's a b2b solution in the ecommerce/marketing sector, so not very sexy but it's a very innovate approach to content discovery that will be very useful to consumers.

Since when do you cowork at Office Club?
Seems like a long time but only since March.

What is the benefit of using a coworking space for you?
The main benefits are flexibility of the contract and atmosphere. We did have our own office before which was cool but it wasn't that big and no fun. Coworking spaces tend to be spacious and free which helps me with being creative as well as productive. They are also useful for networking and and getting help on stuff both work and social.

Which questions / problems could you help your coworking neighbour with?
I guess, we could help share the lessons we learned on setting up a startup in Berlin. We have also met some very interesting and helpful people on our journey that could be of assitance to others.

Do you have favourite spots in Berlin? Something to recommend / consider especially for people coming here?
I think that it would be better to speak to a Berliner about that as I'm still in tourist mode. All I can say is that there is something for everyone as it is such a diverse city with so much culture. At the moment, as the weather has been so hot, I really like visiting the lakes around the city like M├╝ggelsee for swimming and chilling out.

Thanks Vishal and all the best!

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