Member of the month: Lorenz Käsermann

Office Club Mitglied des Monats Lorenz Käsermann

Lorenz Käsermann

Meet Lorenz - our member of the month in November!

Introduction round: Who are you and where are you from?
Salut! My name is Lorenz and I grew up in Fribourg (Switzerland). At the age of 18, I had finished my apprenticeship as a mechanic. But I couldn't stand it in the workshop for long. While still a student, I started working in social media advertising for a telco company, and today I work for Cosmonauts & Kings in Berlin as Head of Performance in digital communication. Life is fun!

What made you come to Berlin?
I was stuck in a golden cage when I spontaneously came to Berlin for a long weekend. In Switzerland, I had a good salary, but it was extremely difficult to develop myself in the field of social media. Then, while enjoying a beer on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, I was offered a job. Less well paid, but more interesting. A few months later, I started at TLGG.

What exactly do you do? What’s in the pipeline for the near future?
At C&K, I lead a team of seven performance managers, work on the topic of how political communication will look digital in five years and how we need to set up our performance and data team for this.
Additionally, I am currently working on various projects for ministries in Germany.

Since when do you cowork at Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg?
Since August, you can meet me regularly from Monday to Sunday at the Office Club.

What is the benefit of using a coworking space for you?
When I'm in the C&K Office, I basically only have meetings and share my ideas with the team. However, the coworking space allows me to focus completely on my numerous tasks and achieve my weekly goals.

Which questions / problems could you help your coworking neighbour with?
I have been working in social media advertising for almost seven years. I like to share ideas with other people if they have questions or are just looking for a challenger.

Do you have favourite spots in Berlin? Something to recommend / consider especially for people coming here?
Whenever I can't go to the South of France in the summer, I enjoy the sandy beach at Bernsteinsee in Marienwerder. It almost feels like a real vacation every time. For lunch I can recommend the restaurant Taktiek in Göhrener Strasse or häppies in Dunckerstraße.


Thanks a lot and all the best to you!

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