Member of the month: Maja Mommert

Office Club Mitglied des Monats Maja Mommert

Maja Mommert

Meet Maja - our member of the month in February!

Introduction round: Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Maja and I was born near the Baltic Sea, in Rostock. I love the Ocean and it has always held a special place in my heart.

What made you come to Berlin?
Love and a Compromise. ;-)
After a couple of years in France and a few in California, my partner at the time and I wanted to come back to Europe. I would have loved to continue living in France - but he was ready for a new adventure. And so we chose Berlin - quite an adventurous place at the time. What I love about the city - then and now - is the fact that you can put together your very own special crowd of people! So many different and exciting personalities, so many different walks of life, goals, dreams - there will always be people sharing yours as well.

What exactly do you do? What's in the pipeline for the near future?
I am an actress for improvisational theatre – you can find our ensemble here: www.frei-wild-berlin.de
I also work as a coach and trainer for interpersonal and management skills: How can you optimize your impact on people, how can you influence, how can you become a better listener? www.majamommert.com
Although I am impressed with all the options that we do have in the virtual world when it comes to collaborating, I am looking forward to returning back to working with people in the same room.

Since when do you cowork at Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg?
I am actually not a full time member, but I have been using the meeting rooms quite regularly for a few years now.

What is the benefit of using a coworking space for you?
When delivering virtually, I love the spaciousness and focus these rooms provide me with, compared to my smaller work space at home. Particularly, when my son is being home-schooled or is asked to quarantine, I need to get away to be able to work...
I have also done a few in-person coachings in the meeting rooms. It’s a neutral space and I don’t have to rent a space full-time.

Which questions / problems could you help your coworking neighbour with?
I guess I could offer a 10 minute intense coaching on Virtual Presence – how to optimize your impact on camera when working remotely.

Do you have favourite spots in Berlin? Something to recommend / consider especially for people coming here?
I am an absolute outdoors person, and try to spend as much time outside as possible, even in the city. My favourite is the Tegel lake and the forest nearby – you will forget the city if you walk long enough. When it comes to sports, I also love to do that outdoors. In the summer, my favourite spot is BeachMitte, where you can play beach volleyball, beach soccer etc. and hang out in a deeply chilled atmosphere. In the winter, I go ice-skating in the Horst-Dohm ice rink (currently closed unfortunately) – it’s a 400 m speed skating ring under the blue sky. Try it out! :)


Thanks a lot and all the best to you!

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