Member of the month: Björn Richerzhagen

Office Club Mitglied des Monats Björn Richerzhagen

Björn Richerzhagen

Meet Björn - our member of the month in February!

Introduction round: Who are you and where are you from?
Hi, I am Björn, 42 years old. I live in Pankow with my wife and two children but I originated from Oberhausen from the Ruhr area. I can be considered a real "Grubenpony".

What made you come to Berlin?
After 10 years or so working for an industrial company in my home town I needed a change. That one call from a headhunter is to blame for my being in Berlin, the city I so much fell in love with. Well, the job as an employee did not work out, so I founded MINAUTICS and I settled.

What exactly do you do? What's in the pipeline for the near future?
I am always in search for improvement - or in other words - I try to figure out ways to improve business processes. In order to do so we use certain modeling techniques (such as BPMN, DMN, CMMN) to qualify, analyze and conceptualize how a product or service is produced. That is especially essential to initiatives for digitization because my customers do not want to automate bad processes but good ones. But it is not always IT related. Some improvements need no technology! The services MINAUTICS provides, on the one hand, enable our customers to make wise decisions about processes through training and coaching services, on the other hand we engage in projects and dive into the nitty, gritty details and make it happen for our customers.

In 2021, we plan our first conference for workflow analysts. This is especially challenging due to SARS-COVID19. Maybe we are crazy to start such a physical conference this year, but maybe it is just the beginning of a successful series in the years to come. We'll see.

Since when do you cowork at Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg?
Must be 9 or 10 years or so. Back then it was named mobilesuite.

What is the benefit of using a coworking space for you?
Since we are a small company we enjoy the flexibility, the infrastructure and the friendly service provided.

Which questions / problems could you help your coworking neighbour with?
Anything process management and scaling businesses related.

Do you have favourite spots in Berlin? Something to recommend / consider especially for people coming here?
Too many to list here. But if I had to pick a special one, it would be on the banks of the river Spree, preferably at the beach the Club Yaam (Young African Art Market) since I enjoy Reggae and Dancehall Music a lot which is played there often.


Thanks a lot and all the best to you!

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