Grow your intelligences with Andrej Uhrich

Workshop mit Andrej Uhrich

Andrej Uhrich

We will be hosting Andrej Uhrich's introductory workshop "Develop Emotional and Cultural Intelligence through Mindfulness" in Pappelallee on March 31st (5 - 8 pm). The workshop will be held in Englisch language and should be of interest especially to those of you who experience different cultural backgrounds on a regular basis in their private and/or professional life. Sign up for free directly on the meetup page.

Here's for a quick intro to the workshop's topics and Andrej himself:

This introductory workshop[nbsp]puts emphasis on the development of alternative intelligences that build the foundation for many critical skills in today's working environment. In this workshop core concepts of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Mindfulness will be explained. Participants will be also engaged in mindfulness exercises as well as exercises to develop their EQ and CQ. After the workshop participants can integrate the learned techniques in their daily life to develop critical skills and improve several aspects of their life.

The workshop is part of a series of workshops and was develop by intercultural trainers, mindfulness trainers and with the support of the University of Twente and the Berlin Institute of Technology in 2013. Andrej Uhrich was leading the research and will be facilitating this workshop. He was born in Russia, grew up in Germany and lived in the Netherlands for six years. He worked as intercultural trainer and has a diploma in Psychology, Business Administration and Innovation Management.

See you around!

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