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  •  Rent offices and fixed workspace.
  •  For individuals and teams.
  •  No deposit, commissions, unnecessary investments.
  •  Prestigious working environment, High-quality equipment.
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Rent your new office without compromises

Are you seeking the flexible character of a coworking space, but do not want to forsake having your own desk? No problem. At Office Club, we have special Club areas with fixed workspace to rent for yourself or entire teams. Select the productive working environment you need for your project - away from the home office, a client's office or your employer's headquarters. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and established companies may free themselves of long-term leases and find the fertile ground they need to grow their own initiatives. We offer both open-plan offices, and lockable office rooms for founders, employees and expats working on their own or for entire project teams.

Our Club memberships are tailored to your needs (and those of your team). The foundation is high-quality work space, modern office hardware, state-of-the-art conference rooms and a fast and stable internet connection. Flexibly add extras of your choice to foster your well-being and personal success. Our friendly staff is pleased to welcome your guests, make sure that you are comfortable and also handle incoming mail for your business address. All of this will give you more time to focus on what is most important: your project at hand.

Exemplary Dedicated Desks (open-plan office)
Club bistro on location
Friendly reception of clients and guests

Book and start at any time

As an alternative to shared workspace without your own desk, Office Club lets you choose between two fixed workspace options: Apart from an Dedicated Desk in an open-plan office, we can also provide an Office Desk in a lockable office room. As with all Office Club memberships, we try to keep the terms as flexible as possible allowing you to easily react to fluctuations in demand or personnel. There are no deposits, real estate agent commissions or the need to make considerable investments in office equipment. 24/7 access to your desk is always included. All Club members get an automatic 50% discount on conference room bookings and your first two meeting hours each month will be free of charge.

Prices & services

Find all services and prices for our fixed workspace solutions at a glance below. All prices are net prices excl. valid VAT. If you need assistance with your booking or have questions about memberships or other services, feel free to contact us – we're standing by. This also applies to larger requests involving multiple colleagues or entire project teams.

  Dedicated Desk Office Desk
Membership mth. from €299 from €399
Desk type Fixed desk Office space
24/7 access included included
Business address optional included
50% discount on conference rooms included + 2 hrs. / mth. included + 2 hrs. / mth.
Hot beverage flat €19 €19
Bistro with free water dispenser included included
Cleaning & add. costs included included
High-speed WiFi included included
Printer, copier, scanner included included
  Book Book

FAQ Office space & fixed desks

What is the difference between fixed and flexible workspaces?
Fixed workspace – whether it is a Dedicated Desk in our open-plan office or an Office Desk in a lockable office room – are only assigned to a single person. Following your booking, it is available only to you. In contrast to flexible workspace (type "Hot desks"), you do not have to clear your desk before you leave the Club. Fixed workspace areas are located in a special part of the Club that can only be accessed with your pre-programmed Club Card (keycard). Please see our price list for more detailed info about optional or included elements of your membership.
What are the rental terms for fixed workspaces?
All Dedicated Desks (in the open-plan areas) and Office Desks (in lockable office rooms) have a minimum rental term of three calendar months. "Rental term" is the minimum duration of your membership. If you do not terminate your membership prior to its expiration, it will be automatically renewed for the same chosen term (and so on). This gives you flexibility and means you will not get trapped in a long-term contract.
I am looking for space for my entire team. Whom should I contact?
We are just as pleased to welcome individuals as we are teams looking for the right environment for their projects. As with everything else at Office Club, you can use our online booking system at any time to reserve fixed desks. We do suggest, however, that you contact us in advance when reserving multiple workspaces in order to arrange the timing and determine which seating configurations are available. The best way to handle this is to either call us or to send a short email addressing your needs to info(at)officeclub.com. Our support team will respond in a timely manner and inform you of the options available to you at Office Club.
Which services are included with fixed workspaces?
All fixed desks include 24/7 access, so that you have access to your workspace at all times. Access is provided via your Club Card (an RFID key card) and is only provided to certain coworkers – those sitting directly in your area in the open-plan space or colleagues sharing the same office room. Your Office Desk membership already includes your own business address. Our team at the reception can also accept and process mail for you and your project upon request. All members receive an automatic 50% discount on conference room bookings. Your first two hours of conference room use each month is also included in your membership free of charge. For teams with several fixed desks, the number of complimentary conference room hours provided adds up of course. Many additional services – beverages flat rates for the Club bistro, lockers and the like – can be booked flexibly at any time. See our price list for a comprehensive overview of the services included in your membership as well as those which may be added.
How do I reserve my fixed workspace?
It's simple using our online booking system: Choose "workspace" for all options (from flexible memberships to those with fixes workspace). We only assign a fixed desk once, so if a Fixed Desk is not available, the best thing to do is to email us directly at info@officeclub.com or call us at +49 30 22 33 44 55. We will let you know where and when we will have something available for you!


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