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For all your potential

Freelancers enjoy a high degree of independence and autonomy, but they are faced with many questions that salaried employees, for example, do not have to consider: How can I set up my project and what happens once it gets started? How should I organize my day-to-day working environment and what do I really need? How can I devote myself to both my professional and private lives while continuing to keep them separate?


Stay flexible, not inconsistent

For many freelancers, flexibility is of paramount importance. But even as flexibility is immensely valuable, it can also be exhausting. That's why many freelancers and entrepreneurs choose coworking spaces. The advantages are obvious: Short-term rentals, access to an inspiring community and, ideally, not just interaction with like-minded people, but also with potential clients or service providers. The combination of a structured workday, reliable infrastructure and lively social surroundings provide the perfect mix that many freelancers need in order to be successful. It is a mixture that a home office, the café, the library or a long-term office rental usually cannot offer.


What we can do for you

Freelancers are pretty much Office Club's "classic clientele." As such, it makes perfect sense for us to design our services and contractual components to best meet their demands. Almost everything Office Club offers comes with an extremely short rental term, usually of no more than a month. In addition, everything can be booked by our clients at any time and is essentially ready to use immediately. In addition to flexible work space shared with other coworkers, we also offer fixed desks that are reserved specifically for you. All of our other services can be booked and cancelled flexibly in accordance with workloads, vacation times and other considerations.

At a glance

  • Flexible memberships with extremely short rental terms
  • Productive work atmosphere among like-minded people
  • Refined surroundings, inspiring atmosphere
  • A variety of optional services that simplify your workday
  • Bookable at any time and available immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get started?
Pretty much immediately: All memberships and additional services can be booked at any time via our online booking system. Our friendly team is standing by to welcome you during our opening hours (please refer to location details) and to give you a brief introduction and set up your Club Card (RFID key card).
Is it worth becoming a member even if I will use the Club only sporadically?
Yes. Because our flexible memberships can be changed each month, you always have the possibility of adjusting the range of services booked to correspond to your current needs. If a vacation, an extended business trip or some other undertaking is on the horizon during which you plan to use your membership only sporadically, you can "downgrade" your membership at the turn of the month – and you can "upgrade" as well if you need to.
What is the difference between a fixed and a flexible workspace?
Fixed workspaces, whether as a desk in an open-plan office or as an Office Desk in a lockable space, are only assigned to one member at a time. It is only available to you and, in contrast to flexible workspaces, does not need to be cleared when you leave the Club. Fixed workspaces are located in a specific area of the Club that can only be accessed with your correspondingly programmed Club Card (RFID key card). The same, of course, is true of our individual office spaces. Our flexible workspaces are located in an open-plan office space and are available to all members.
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Why Office Club?

  Office Club Home Office Business center Your own office
Fair & flexible terms
Immediate availability
High degree of networking
Prestigious working environment
No investments in office infrastructure
Inspiration & diversion
Productive working atmosphere
Convenient services

Our offer to you

  • Uncomplicated networking
  • Fast internet connection
  • Bistro on site
  • High-quality equipment
  • Versatile office hardware
  • Comprehensive mail services
  • Optional 24/7 access
  • Phone booths

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